About Peter

Peter Erben (1952) is the founder of the 'Erben Geigenbau'. Peter comes from a long line of violin makers and it was clear from an early age that he would pursue this path like his predecessors. 

Peter began his journey as a Violin Maker in the city of Mittenwald, the home of the 'Mittenwald Violin Making School' and the 'Klotz' Family of Violin Makers. Since the mid 19th century, the Mittenwald Violin Making School is producing some of the finest makers in the world. 

After his time in Mittenwald, Peter traveled to London to work in the renown workshop of W.E.Hill & Sons. 

Here, Peter was able to hone his skills whilst working to find his personal style. Peter was fortunate enough to take advantage of the bustling music scene of London which brought in many of the great Cremonese instruments to the Hill's workshop. He worked on them, and examined them very carefully. The spirit of those instruments can be felt in Peter's instruments, and he owes a great deal to those Italian masters.

In the late 70s, Peter returned to Bavaria and further collaborated with Günter Krahmer, Hermann G Wörz and Josef Kantuscher.

In 1981, Peter opened the 'Erben Geigenbau' which today is recognised as one of the most important violin workshops in Europe. 

Peter gathered all of the knowledge and experience he gained from his time as an apprentice and opened his workshop to create instruments that best translated his idea of the Violin. 

Peter selects his wood from South Tirol, and he describes the sounds of these trees as 'full', 'delicate' and 'flexible in modulation'. 

Peter sits regularly on juries and also gives classes to prepare the next generation of Violin Makers.

He is a guest maker at the 'Klanggestalten' and will give a Violin Making Masterclass in his workshop in 2022, in collaboration with the EMF.